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Kallinesha believes in duty, honor, and the virtue of courage.  Ista believes in love, caution, and the power of freshly baked bread.  They've never spent more than an afternoon together without fighting.  Now their mage mistress lies trapped in a spell gone horribly awry.  Together, they must find a way to free her from the shadowy Chaos Mage…who may not be exactly what they expect. Join Kalli and Ista's hunt here.

Chaos Rises

A short story in the world of f Far-Knowing

The day the hill tiger attacks, young Hala realizes excitedly that she may have the gift.  But all she can do is summon animals.  Accidentally.  At inconvenient times.  It's quite useless…until the day she returns home to find a black-cloaked stranger holding her village under a terrible spell, and suddenly the lives of everyone she loves depend on her.  Read Hala's story here.  

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Leaving Home

A collection


A train breaks down in the snowy Polish countryside. The jungle awakens. On a cruise ship, paranoia strikes. Fairy godmother magic comes from an unexpected source. A blackmailer makes a mistake. A young father leaves town. A neighbor's death reveals a dark surprise. Enjoy these stories and more.  Click here.


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