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Short Stories

Science fiction stories that all take place on the same ill-fated space colony:

"Stashed Away" in Martian Wave 

"Foreign Bodies"  in Deep Magic and InterGalactic Medicine Show

"Radish Hunting" in Animal Uprising

"Salvage Operations" in Leading Edge

"Stalked" in On the Premises  (free online)

"The Twenty Percent Club" in Double Feature Magazine

"Sand and Fire" in Spark Anthology

"Passcodes" in The Future Fire (free online)

Other speculative fiction:

"Palatable Potions" in Zombies Need Brains (available now to subscribers on Patreon or available to preorder as an e-book or physical book)

"Vodník"  reprinted in Flame Tree's Shadows on the Water anthology

"Vodník" in Uncharted

"Silence" in The Dread Machine (free online)

"The People Upstairs" in Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight  (free online)

"A Learned Man" in audio at Pseudopod  (free online)

"Foolish Promise" atTimeless Tales (free online)

"Ethereal" in Fairy Tale Magazine (free online)

Mainstream short stories:

"The Hot Dog Stand" in Nous and THEMA

"The Curse" in Ember

"The Bus to Lublin" in Ellipsis Literature and Art

"On the Train to Warsaw" in THEMA


"To My Students," in Short Circuit

"Gold," in 50 Haikus

Selected Creative Non-Fiction:

"Postal Culture Shock" in The Mantelpiece (February 2024 issue--free online)

"Bidding Four Spades in Poland" in Wizards in Space

"The Symbolic Cemetery" in The Baltimore Review (free online)

"Night Watchman" in Hippocampus Magazine (free online)

"Hunting Mushrooms in the Czech Republic" in GoNomad (free online)

"Tikal Sunrise" in The Expeditioner

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